My Best Idea for Making a Positive Impact on the World

May 12, 2014

New Membership Form
Small Impacts Matter

What it is:

SIM is a group of individuals that is all about helping people with short term needs. It will have ten members provisionally.

How it works:

       When members notice a situation in which help is needed, they use judgment in deciding whether or not to inform the other members. Other members may in turn offer their assistance.

The steps:

   1. Inform the group of the need, location, and need to know information.
2. Upon receiving offer(s) of assistance, let the group know.

With all of the above, use your own judgment.

My role:

     I get to decide who to give these forms to. If you wish to start a distinct group yourself, feel free to use this form as a template, which is available in electronic form at

My name is ______________________________ and you can contact me at ______________________________, please let me know your decision within two weeks.
– – –  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I, ___________________________________________, accept this invitation to be a member of SIM and will endeavor to not abuse my relationship with, or knowledge of, SIM. I also permit the sharing among members of what contact information I provide. My cell phone number is: ________________________________

Other ways to contact me (optional): _________________________________________


Stouffer’s Makes the Best TV Dinners

April 1, 2009

Just saying. They don’t skimp on protein, the heating directions are consistently reliable, they taste great, and the price isn’t bad. If you want to see what I mean just try the lasagna with meat sauce, or the chicken parmigiana. They do have a few bad choices like everyone else though, their spaghetti with meatballs is surprisingly lacking in flavor, and their is one type of lasagna with a weird cheese paste I hate. Anyway, now you know what to get at the grocery store, happy to help.

Printing Money = Tax Increase

March 2, 2009

It only occurred to me today that this is true, I mean think about it, when the government prints money it makes both the dollars you earn and the dollars which you already have earned worth less than they were before the government added to the supply of dollars. That is what we call government caused inflation. And so the government printing money is equivalent to a tax increase on all Americans in that it reduces the amount of money they make or have (in terms of reducing value of holdings and earnings) in order to fund government spending. And so if the current administration prints money to fund spending then it would amount to another hidden tax on all Americans just like the Cap and Trade thing seems to be.

Will Raising Taxes on the Rich Increase Revenue?

February 28, 2009

A statistic I recently read in the poorly titled book “The End of Prosperity” has helped to convince me that the answer is no. (The book is not as depressing as the title, instead of talking about an end to prosperity it is more of an apologetic for supply-side economics, with a focus on the history of economic policies and their effects. Surprisingly readable for a book on economics.)

It said that under the Bush tax cuts of 2003, (which I believe primarily applied to top earners such as business owners, the investor class and the like) federal tax revenues increased from 2004 to 2007 by about $785 billion. According to the book this was the largest four year tax revenue increase in American history. I think the author’s make a good case for there being a causal connection here, at least to some extent. On a side note I found it noteworthy when reading it that this is about the amount of money that Obama’s stimulus package is said to cost. Now I realize it is unpopular to say positive things about policies of Bush’s such as his tax cuts, but leaving personal feelings about Bush aside, if the tax cuts helped to increase tax revenue (by lessening the incentive to engage in tax evasion and quite possibly by helping the economy to grow) by such a notable amount then doesn’t it make sense to think that raising taxes on top earners or letting such tax cuts expire would have an opposite effect on tax revenues?

Marley And Me

January 11, 2009

It is a breath of fresh air in that it showcases a marriage that works. With some bumps along the road they hang together and remain faithful, while never quite losing that fun that comes with being a newly wed. (I have never been married, I’m working off of assumptions here.) That being said, it is a tear jerker even for me, and I only cry at a few movies, most intensely while watching Mel Gibson’s “SIGNS”. Is that strange?

The Lord Is Better To Me Than I Am To Myself.

January 8, 2009

I found this to be a cool insight from an elderly woman. You would think we would be better to ourselves than anyone else, but sometimes we display self destructive tendencies. Even when we are good to ourselves, the Lord is better. When is the last time you held your molecular structure together with your own power? The reliability of physics itself is one of many enduring testaments to God’s love for us. Of course Christ’s death and resurrection, death by crucifixion on a cross no less, paying the price for our sins so we would not have to, far outshines physics as a testament to God’s love for us.