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Marley And Me

January 11, 2009

It is a breath of fresh air in that it showcases a marriage that works. With some bumps along the road they hang together and remain faithful, while never quite losing that fun that comes with being a newly wed. (I have never been married, I’m working off of assumptions here.) That being said, it is a tear jerker even for me, and I only cry at a few movies, most intensely while watching Mel Gibson’s “SIGNS”. Is that strange?


The Lord Is Better To Me Than I Am To Myself.

January 8, 2009

I found this to be a cool insight from an elderly woman. You would think we would be better to ourselves than anyone else, but sometimes we display self destructive tendencies. Even when we are good to ourselves, the Lord is better. When is the last time you held your molecular structure together with your own power? The reliability of physics itself is one of many enduring testaments to God’s love for us. Of course Christ’s death and resurrection, death by crucifixion on a cross no less, paying the price for our sins so we would not have to, far outshines physics as a testament to God’s love for us.